Upcoming Meta Quest games releasing in June 2024 and beyond

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Now that the Meta Quest 3 is available, we're seeing more VR game support than ever. Most games being released work for both Quest 2 and Quest 3, but we've already seen at least one game make the jump to Quest 3-exclusive.

Aside from this game, many of the best Quest games feature improved graphics for the Quest 3, and most of the games on this list should be expected to offer increased clarity and visual quality. Ready for greatness? These VR games will keep you playing for months to come.

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Tank Arena Ultimate League

Hop into the cockpit of an eclectic tank and head out into 4v4 arena battles that feel a bit like a cartoonized version of the Atari classic Battlezone. Pilot eight different tanks that all look and feel a bit different, and even decorate your room and show it off to other players in this social gaming experience.

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Mudrunner VR

Mudrunner VR is described as "the ultimate off-road experience in VR." It's the VR sequel to the 2017 classic off-road simulation game that delivers eight unique all-terrain vehicles, each with its own playstyle and attributes. Vehicles can have flatbeds, repair module, log carriers, tow winches, and plenty more.

You'll be heading through all manner of off-road environments, including deep mud, raging rivers, rocky paths, and treacherous mountainscapes. Each mission has its own goal, and the developer says these environments are immersive and unpredictable. Plus, expect the cockpit to be fully interactive, as well.

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Meta Quest games releasing in June 2024 and beyond

Neon Squad Tactics

Neon Squad Tactics looks a whole lot like the classic PSP series Metal Gear Acid, and that's a very good thing. This cyberpunk-themed neon-soaked city is filled with dangers to get under control and it's up to you and your squad to take down the bad guys with strategy only a mastermind could pull off.

The best runs include pre-planning, so make sure you've got enough credits, squad members, and support items before heading out into the streets for tough fights. The Meta Quest is finally getting some strategy game love and Neon Squad Tactics surely seems to fit the bill there.

Release date: June 13, 2024 (wishlist now)

Taskmaster VR

Based on the hit UK comedy TV show, Taskmaster has players completing a series of ridiculous tasks in the most creative ways possible. Greg Davies is virtually represented and will be the fierce judge of your abilities to do the ridiculous and weird.

There's no telling how far the brainchild behind the series will go with the unlimited creative potential of VR, but you'd better expect plenty of hilarity along the way.

Release date: June 13, 2024 (preorder now for a discount)


BlackForge is the blacksmith simulator of your dreams! You've got free reign of a full blacksmith shop filled with realistic and imaginary tools, including a lightning-infused hammer and a cuddly fire spirit in the hearth. Unlike most crafting games, BlackForge doesn't restrict you or your creations. Use the lathe to trim down wood, bang metal into shape, and more.

A free demo is available to sideload now, and we already took the opportunity to play it and give it a shot. The full release should be even more feature-packed when it hits in a few months!

Release date: June 13, 2024 (preorder now for 20% discount)

Zero Caliber 2

Call it the "Call of Duty of VR" if you want, but Zero Caliber 2 looks like it's got a lot going for it when it releases this Spring. The game features "a full-blown single player/Co-op campaign (taking place after the events of the prequel), PvP, native mod support, zombies, airstrikes, more explosions, and a VR experience you'll never forget!"

Don't want to wait for the full release to play? The developer's Discord server will get you squared away in the next big public playtest so you can give it a shot before you have to pay a dime.

Release date: Spring 2024 (wishlist now)


The PC classic adventure game has been completely rebuilt from the ground-up for VR! Following in the footsteps of the incredible Myst VR, Riven VR will challenge players' deductive reasoning and puzzle-solving abilities to rescue Atrus’ wife, Catherine.

Riven is filled with gorgeous, surreal visuals that look to push the limits of the Meta Quest's hardware, and the developer says this "expanded edition of Riven offers a deeper story, new captivating visuals, and a gaming experience that stays true to the original while also expanding Riven’s world."

Release date: Summer 2024 (wishlist now)

Brazen Blaze

If you're a fan of hero shooters like Overwatch, brawler games like Smash Bros, or VR battle royales like Population: One, Brazen Blaze will be right up your alley. Choose from several different hero characters to play in this 3v3 battle royale with a twist, including fully destructible buildings, anime-inspired movement and locomotion, and unique powers and weapons for each character.

As each round progresses, the floating map will begin to disintegrate with the outer ring slowly falling into the abyss to push players closer and closer together. This one's a ton of fun and has had some open beta sessions, so keep a look out on the developer's Twitter account to see the next open beta so you can try it before it launches in July.

Release date: July 2024 (wishlist now)

Wanderer: The Fragments of Fate

Who doesn't love a good time-travel adventure story? I know I sure do, and this complete reboot of the PSVR's Wanderer looks to not only address complaints but adds tons of new content and ideas, culminating in an experience that's basically brand-new.

The game prides itself on instant time travel, eschewing loading screens for a far more wow-worthy experience as you jump between characters and places in an effort to rewrite the past in order to reshape the future.

Release date: September 12, 2024 (wishlist now)


Skydance Interactive, developers behind the Quest's best game — that's The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners — are back with a brand new, wholly original IP that looks to take Saints & Sinner's gameplay to a new level. The trailer above debuted at The Game Awards 2022 and showcased a plague-ravished snowy wasteland that Skydance says used to be a glorious empire.

Behemoth utilizes Skydance Interactive's unique physics system and takes it to a new level, opening up pathways to cause environmental destruction and take your enemies down along with it. As in Saints & Sinners, players will scavenge the land to survive and craft new armor, weapons, food, and other utilities that will help in the game's progression. The developers say the human AI has been leveled up this time around, so don't expect to just be slicing dumb zombies this time around.

Players will also have a grappling hook which will come in handy for traversal across the landscape and, of course, for climbing up those hulking behemoths that give the game its name. It's got some serious Shadow of the Colossus meets The Elder Scrolls vibes, and we're all here for it.

Release date: Fall 2024

Astro Hunters VR

While the trailer doesn't reveal much, the Steam Store description gives us some pretty high expectations. Astro Hunters VR is an open-world VR action game set in space where you can explore "diverse planets, fight with different enemies, craft, gather resources and upgrade your weapons."

The game is designed to be played both solo and multiplayer, similar to Wenkly Studios' latest game, Survival Nation.

Release date: Q3 2024

Rival Stars Horse Racing

If you've been dreaming of raising and racing a horse but don't quite have the financial means to achieve that goal, Rival Stars Horse Racing VR Edition might be the game for you. Breed horses and form a bond with them as you take care of their daily needs and help train them to be the best racing horses in the world.

Story mode includes a full cross-country campaign including many different breeds of horses and challenging races to complete. Better yet, jump in the multiplayer mode with your favorite steed and beat actual humans on the track.

Release date: Q4 2024

Alien: Rogue Incursion

Developer Survios calls Alien: Rogue Incursion "the biggest, most ambitious VR game we have developed in our decade-long history." It's a new single-player, action-horror VR game set in the iconic Alien universe, likely a sequel to the excellent Alien: Isolation. This time, of course, set entirely in VR.

The game features an all-new storyline "full of heart-pounding action, exploration, and terrifying Xenomorphs." Better yet, Survios says it's coming to Meta Quest 3, PSVR 2, and Steam VR, meaning this could be one of the first big-name games to take full advantage of the Quest 3's hardware power.

Release date: Holiday 2024

Metro Awakening

The Metro 2033 series is officially coming to VR, and from veteran VR developers Vertigo Games, too! Metro Awakening is "a story-driven first-person adventure built exclusively for VR that blends atmospheric exploration, stealth, and combat in the most immersive Metro experience yet."

As you'd expect from a Metro game, you'll be donning that gas mask and heading deep into radiation-poisoned territories as you search for your wife and the medication she desperately needs to stay alive. From bad guys to things that go bump in the night, Metro Awakening is the next blockbuster title from the developers of Arizona Sunshine and After the Fall.

Release date: 2024 (wishlist now)

Attack on Titan VR: Unbreakable

While little information is known about Attack on Titan VR: Unbreakable, the premise is likely as "simple" as you might expect. We imagine taking down a titan as a regular-sized human would be a great time. Meta released the trailer above at the Meta Gaming Showcase 2023 and while it doesn't show realtime gameplay, it certainly gives us an idea of how the game is going to play.

If you're really itching to give it a shot right now, there's an indie SideQuest experience that you can play right now that gives a low-res, unauthorized sneak peek of what the game could be like.

Release date: 2024

Dig VR

Grab your Quest controllers and jump into a giant digging machine capable of excavating tons of dirt in just minutes. First, though, you'll be starting small and working your way up to the big leagues, starting with a mini-digger and dreams of a better life.

This light-simulation game tasks players with a variety of cash-earning jobs that lets them level up their digging machine, helping to move on to bigger and grander jobs and challenges. This one looks like every little boy's dream come true!

Release date: 2024 (wishlist now)

Kid Pilot

Did you love playing with paper airplanes as a kid? Did you have airplane toys that you would endlessly fly around the house? Even if you didn't, Kid Pilot could bring out the kid in you with its whimsical worlds and toy-like control scheme. Players will hold a toy airplane that comes to life, moving it around levels as you attempt to fly it through obstacles and shoot down targets and enemies along the way.

Each level holds plenty of collectables and secrets, plus boss battles to prove that you're the best kid pilot in the world.

Release date: 2024.

Metal: Hellsinger VR

Beat Saber meets Doom in this VR remake of the 2022 rhythm action game Metal: Hellsinger. Slice and dice demons to the beat of epic metal songs and channel your inner demon slayer as you sweat it out! This isn't a normal rhythm game and you won't be shooting or slicing beat blocks as they move down the frets. Instead, you'll be scored by how you can attack to the beat of the song. Time shots perfectly and you'll get perfect scores.

The best part is that these are all original songs made for the game and sung by Serj Tankian (System of a Down), Randy Blythe (Lamb of God), Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy), and more. But this isn't just a VR port of the flat game. The developers say they've redesigned the whole experience to fit VR's unique immersive qualities, so get ready to venture into Hell and bang some heads!

Release date: 2024 (wishlist now)


The classic multiplayer survival game Rust is known for its brutal, unforgiving gameplay, and that harsh reality is coming to virtual reality in Strayed. This open-world VR multiplayer game is focused on player-to-player interaction, but whether that means combat or trade is entirely up to you and the other people you'll find on these randomly generated islands.

Everyone starts out on an island, washed up on the shore with no recollection of their past. But instead of punching trees, you'll need to find rocks and other slightly more realistic means of chopping down those trees, breaking up bigger rocks for ore, etc. Plus, each randomly generated island comes with abandoned structures and other places to look, and you never know what you'll

Release date: 2024 (open beta on App Lab now)


It's aliens versus humans in the 2v3 asymmetrical multiplayer game where three aliens will be hiding in plain sight for the humans to find them. At the start of each round, aliens will disguise themselves as human mannequins while up to two human players try to find them using a set of specialized tools.

But if a human guesses wrong and fires at the wrong mannequin, their gun will jam, leaving them open to attack. It's a fascinating concept that we haven't yet seen in VR and should present plenty of incredible opportunities for memorable events to happen.

Release date: 2024 (try the open alpha free on SideQuest now)

Vestiges: Fallen Tribes

Tactical games were made for VR, and Vestiges: Fallen Tribes aims to prove that this is a genre that needs a lot more love from VR developers. Command dozens of units in PvP battles armed with your wits and your trusty deck of cards.

The game comes from the developers of Ragnarock and is still in relatively early development, but you can play a development demo on Steam by visiting the link below. Just make sure you have a VR-ready PC to play this demo, otherwise you'll need to wait for the full release later this year.

Release date: 2024 (play the demo now on SteamVR)

Next Move

Next Move is a VR platformer with a twist. You won't be using joysticks or teleporting to get around, just your arms. But this isn't Gorilla Tag-style locomotion, either. The idea is that you'll run in place, climb, hang, and, of course, jump your way through surreal worlds.

And it's not just platforming that's happening in Next Move. The game is also filled with puzzles and even time traveling elements, letting you rewind your mistakes or use time as a way to solve intricate puzzles. What's your next move?

Release date: 2024 (Try the free demo now)


There's nothing like a good strategy game against other humans. Expansion channels a bit of Starcraft in a semi-tower defense package, giving you units to quickly place in a race to overtake the enemy's base.

The game is available on App Lab in early access now with a full release scheduled sometime this year.

Release date: 2024 (play early access on App Lab now)

Starship Home

Dubbed as "the first Meta Quest 3 exclusive game," Starship Home won't be found on any other VR headset when it releases sometime this year. It's a dedicated mixed reality experience that relies on the Quest 3's color passthrough vision, putting alien decor around your actual home.

The idea is that your living room becomes an actual starship, letting you cruise around the galaxy in comfort and familiarity while still inviting mystery and intrigue into your space. An interstellar crisis unfolds sometime during your travels and only you can solve the problems that will inevitably befall you.

Release date: 2024 (wishlist now)


Finally! The Meta Quest is getting a proper sim racing game that's built from the ground up for VR's unique interaction methods. Each controller turns into a superbike handle, complete with the classic twist grip throttle mechanics any motorcyclist would be familiar with. Plus, you'll really be leaning into those turns just as a proper superbike racer would.

VRider Superbike World Championship features 12 licensed racing circuits, 23 official riders, and 5 official superbikes from the SBK World Championship. Our own Michael Hicks already got to play it at GDC and came away impressed with the game's fidelity and immersion factor.

Release date: 2024


As a kid, I played plenty of games like Paperboy and Road Rash but I never thought any developer would somehow meld the two together, much less in VR. Enter Throwback, a game that tasks players with tossing newspapers, fighting aliens, and getting high scores as they adventure out into the great unknown and far beyond the usual paperboy route.

Release: 2024


Self-described as a liminal action horror game, Defy aims to defy your expectations of reality and answer the question "can you really have enough horror games in VR?" Traverse dark hallways, run from twisted creatures, and sweat with terror all from the comfort of your living room.

Release date: 2024

Zombie Army VR

What's better than killing zombies or Nazis? Killing zombie Nazis, of course! Hitler may have already been eradicated, but his freakish zombie army is still on the loose and needs to be stopped before it destroys all of Europe in its path.

The VR adaptation of the popular series puts you in the shoes of the elite Deadhunters squad. Authentic World War II weapons are on full display with detailed reloading mechanics and the return of the x-ray cam, giving you full view of your best sniping shots in detail only VR can provide. You can even play co-op with a friend and save Europe together as you level up your skills and weaponry.

Release date: 2024 (wishlist now)

Final Fury

You'll find plenty of first-person action games on the Meta Quest platform, but there aren't too many traditional fighting games on the system. Final Fury channels the awe and wonder of 90s and early 2000s console fighting games, transforming the perspective from side-scrolling to first-person in this arcade-style fighter.

The roseter of futuristic combatants each comes with their own unique abilities and combos, and developer Kluge — the folks behind the ever-popular Synth Riders — have taken the time to figure out how traditional fighting mechanics could translate to a VR space without feeling like a cheesefest.

Release date: 2024


Humans have been cooking up ways to live on Mars for decades, and in Grim that concept is finally a reality. The problem is that something has gone horribly wrong and now the denizens of Mars have to fend for themselves in a hostile environment that's just plain inhospitable for humans.

Unfortunately, this means resources are scarce and often the only way to survive is by taking from others. You'll be gathering resources, procuring supplies, and crafting your own base all while trying to survive against other players in the process. This new game by the Ghost of Tabor developers certainly seems ready to turn the tables of VR multiplayer once again!

Release date: 2024


A screenshot from Cold VR

(Image credit: ALLWARE LLC)

What if you took the time-stopping combat concept from SUPERHOT VR and reversed it? COLD VR answers that question and, instead of holding as still as possible to plan your next move, you'll need to move as often as possible before the rogue AI in this simulation catches up with you.

If anything, the action in COLD VR can be described as similar to that 2006 Jason Statham movie Crank where the protagonist will die if he stops moving. If the crazy AI bots after you aren't enough, environmental hazards like lasers will keep you on your toes and planning ahead despite not being able to hold still. Good luck!

Release date: 2024 (play Steam VR demo on PC now)

Death Game Hotel

From the studio founded by Deadly Premonition designer SWERY, Death Game Hotel sounds just as disturbing as its name implies: you'll play games of chance while betting your life or body parts in order to stay in the pot. It has single-player, co-op, or 6-player online game modes, including "Death Poker" and "Goblet of the Reaper."

The trailer shows it'll mix VR minigames with visual novel-esque cutscenes with your fellow death game contestants. Try not to get attached, either to your rivals or to your limbs!

Release date: 2024 (wishlist now)

Silent Slayer: Vault of the Vampire

From the minds at Schell Games — makers of VR classics like I Expect You To Die, Among Us VR, and Until You Fall — comes a very different type of stealthy stabbing game. As you might expect from the title, you'll be opening the coffins of vampires in an attempt to stake them through the heart before they can wake up and attack you.

But beware, vampires are a crafty sort that expect folks to try to waltz in and kill them in the middle of a nap. You'll have to disarm traps along the way and move silently enough not to wake them, which is actually very challenging given their supernatural powers.

Release date: 2024 (Wishlist here)

Silent North

Now that Ghosts of Tabor's main development is finished, the team at Combat Waffle Studios is moving on to a new game in uncharted territory for the company: a zombie-themed survival MMO called Silent North.

Little is known about the title other than what's seen in the trailer above, but we imagine it'll go for a grander scope than Ghosts of Tabor, all while honing the realistic survival mechanics the team has strived to perfect in that title.

Release date: 2024

Warp Lab

Ever since modern VR headsets debuted in 2016, gamers have been wishing for a VR remake of the classic Portal games from Valve. While Valve still hasn't delivered the goods, one other developer seems brave enough to try its hand at matching up to the gaming classic.

Warp Lab takes the portal concept from Portal and adds in sentient beings, guns, and a host of other environmental challenges that attempt to not only bring Portal in VR but to one-up its action sequences with plenty unique ones of its own.

Until then, you can try out the free mixed reality experience on App Lab.

Release date: 2024


Fans of classic rolling puzzler games like Marble Madness and Super Monkey Ball will no doubt love Puttzzle. A fantastical mashup of putt-putt golf and classic puzzlers, Puttzzle aims to deliver clever mechanics, tough puzzles, and lots of fun. Better yet, if you've got SideQuest set up on for your Quest, you can play a version of the game right now.

Release date: 2024 (try it now on SideQuest)

Red Flowers

Red Flowers sounds like a nice, peaceful title from the onset, but that instantly turns brutal the moment you dive into the trailer. The game seems to share at least some minor similarities to the Ubisoft-developed Red Steel games back on the Nintendo Wii, except with the accurate and visceral combat needed to bring an action title into VR.

Developer Joy Way games has made a name for itself in recent years with games like Against and Stride, and Red Flowers looks to take the studio's pedigree for fast action-packed games and add in a katana and plenty of building hopping parkour to go along with it.

Release date: 2024

Tin Hearts VR

This heartwarming puzzler is a full remake of the classic Tin Hearts game on consoles, rebuilt from the ground up for VR headsets. Tin Hearts sees players guiding little toys along a treacherous route filled with adventure, magic, and plenty of mystery. This one is by the folks who put together the iconic Fable series and is sure to delight with VR-centric mechanics that make the mechanics feel even better than the original release.

Release: 2024

Ancient Board Games

If you've ever wondered what people of ancient times did to pass the time, you're about to find out. Ancient Board Games is exactly what you would imagine, packing a series of historical board games into one VR game that lets you battle against your friends using the knowledge of the ancients.

From what we can gather from the trailer, you'll be visiting various regions throughout ancient Mesopotamia, enjoying scenic views while you defeat friends and foes alike with your newfound skills.

Release date: 2024

Cosmic Overdrive

Fly through an obstacle-strewn portal to its end in Cosmic Overdrive. Its gameplay reminds us a bit of the asteroid fields and warp zones of Star Fox 64, only in first-person and without the talking animals. You'll need to dodge some obstacles with your reflexes and lateral thrusters while blasting away others in procedurally-generated on-rails courses. 

Release date: 2024

Next Player Please

Next Player Please sees players sitting around a physical table, passing the headset to one another to complete minigames with just their hands. The trick here — at least based on the trailer — is that the VR headset doesn’t have a strap and players don’t use controllers.

Those two key points make it easy to pass the headset along to others quickly, as what appear to be Wario Ware-style minigames will likely be faster-paced than in other VR titles. 

Beta available now

Full Release date: 2024

Laser Dance

Fancy yourself a spy in the making? Laser Dance is the perfect spy simulator that'll help you hone your sneaking skills! Duck, dodge, weave, and crawl under and over lasers that are designed to keep you from getting to that precious button on the other side of the room. What better way to show off the mixed-reality features of your Quest 3?

Release date: 2024

The Thrill of the Fight 2

The announcement video gives no release window and shows no new footage, but we do know a little bit about the new title thanks to some short developer interviews. The original is one of the best exercise games on the Quest 2, and the sequel will be "co-developed" by original creator Ian Fitz and Halfbrick Studios (Fruit Ninja VR 2).

Thrill of the Fight 2 promises "to improve the mechanics to make fights feel fairer and more realistic." Plus, the team is adding in multiplayer, more fighting combinations, and lots of other new mechanics as they say "player needs have evolved" over the years in VR.

Release date: 2024

Alta: Project 2

The developers of A Township Tale are working on a new game that lets players delve into dungeons deep together, hacking and slashing at monsters and earning loot along the way. It sure looks a lot like Dungeons of Eternity to us but we're sure the developers have something unique to bring to the table given the pedigree of A Township Tale.

Release date: 2024

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas VR

GTA San Andreas

(Image credit: Rockstar Games)

During Facebook Connect 2021, Mark Zuckerberg confirmed that a virtual reality game based on the extremely popular Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will be released. 

While not too much is known about the title, we do know that Video Games Deluxe, the same studio behind the LA Noire: The VR Case Files port, will be working on it. Will it still happen this year? We'll just have to tune into Meta Connect on September 27 to see.

Release date: TBA

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